Provides affordable and customizable MAC address filtering for personal and business networks, based on static or dynamic sources.
You can block access to specific IP addresses and users. Add, edit and remove MAC address blocks on-the-fly.
The program also features a user-friendly interface. You can set up specific logins and filter them based on various user types.
Watch out for:
Missing a few features.
Basic utility.
Ease of use.
Freeware, Win-only, One-time Activation.

3DAcucumber Windows Phone Emulator

3DAcucumber Host Monitor is an advanced server monitoring tool with intuitive options which enables network administrators to keep track of hosts activity and schedule automatic notifications on request failures.
Setting up the app takes little time and minimal effort. However, RedEyes offers to download and install third-party components that it doesn’t need to work properly; they can be excluded from installation.
As far as the GUI is concerned, the program opts for a regular window with a clean and intuitive structure, where hosts can be easily added by name or IP address (including IP range).
Monitor user-defined hosts
The checkup frequency can be set in seconds, minutes or hours, while the testing method can be selected between Ping, HTTP request or socket connection (either TCP or UDP with a user-defined port number).
The main frame records host activity and shows the tester method, result, last checkup time, and uptime. Host properties can be edited at any time, while the monitor can be paused and later resumed for any selected host.
Commonly used network tools
In addition, users may resort to some standard network tools, such as a port scanner, route tracer and source code viewer, or create personalized settings for SSH and Telnet, as well as automatic system reboot and shutdown, apart from pointing out executable files to launch (command lines are supported).
Monitor active programs
A secondary panel keeps track of all active processes interested in the Internet connection, allowing users to terminate any suspicious or resource-hogging application, as well as further examine their activity in log files.
Edit program settings
In terms of app configuration, RedEyes Host Monitor can be set to automatically run at system startup until further notice. Users may adjust the priority level, customize the columns display, change Ping and port scanning parameters, enable sound and email notifications, define settings for silent mode (no kind of notifications 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a macro recorder and editor for Windows. When combined with a variety of actions, it makes creating custom commands super easy. Use the form below to record a set of commands or the following to automatically activate KEYMACRO.

This video tutorial shows how to stream your music from your Raspberry Pi to your Home Theater or sound system.
WARNING: THIS PROJECT IS NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK. I am just posting this as an experiment in how to do it. The project may work or it may not. You are not getting a guarantee that this project will work. I’m just trying to help others out.
If this project works for you, GREAT. If it does not work for you, that’s okay too.

If you are using your own GPIOs on a GPIO shield board, remember to connect the ground pin on your shield to ground on your PC. If you are using a STM32F103RCT6 chip, remember to use GPIO 17 (ADC 1) and connect it to ground on your PC.

Connect a USB keyboard to your PC and make sure it is set to UAC (user account control) mode. You can use a keyboard from an older version of Windows but a modern keyboard should be fine.

Now install a driver for your USB keyboard. For a full guide to do this, please see:

After you install the driver, use the BIOS to set the USB keyboard to be the default keyboard.

Open a command prompt window and set the following variables to the correct values:

LOG_HOME: This is the path to where you want to keep your cameras.
LOG_ID: This is the unique ID for your cameras.
USE_HIDAPI_WARNING: If you wish to use your hardware keyboard, put a «-1» at the end of this line. If you use this option, all the commands you type with your keyboard will be interpreted as if you used the mouse. You will be able to navigate, zoom in and zoom out, but if you want to use any of the camera controls, you will need to use your mouse.
PATH_HOME: This is the path to where you want to keep your home automation files.
LOG_HOME: This is the path to where you want to keepррµсрѕ-2009-ррµрѕсњ-2-937891-imgsrc-ru/