WDL uses KEYMACRO, a macro processor developed by former WDL developer, Alex McGregor.
KEYMACRO is a lightweight macro processor that is easy to use, especially for larger or more complex macros. It is designed to make coding easier and more fun by:
· allowing greater code reuse
· making writing macros easier
· enabling faster development by having a more natural syntax for macro definition
There are four types of KEYMACRO macros:
· Standard
· Triggered Macros
· ECHO Macros
· Routine Macros
If you are working on a project that is too complicated for KEYMACRO, or if you want to write your own macros, the FASTER Project is a resource that you can use to write macros using the standard KEYMACRO syntax.
• File reading/writing wrappers (for low-level I/O)
For win32, we make special effort to make our file reading/writing functions very fast. If you want to enable some of the lower-level features of win32, you can use these WDL utilities:
· SafeRead (to handle reading from filestreams)
· SafeWrite (to handle writing to filestreams)
· fgetter/fgetw (to get at low-level I/O functions)
There are a number of design goals behind these wrappers. In particular, we want to make writing and reading programs much more fun and less confusing. Most of the time, reading and writing from files is actually a fairly complicated process that hides a lot of functionality from the programmer. Writing C++ code is much harder than writing a bytecode like BASIC, and using a higher-level language makes it even harder. We use these functions to make it easier to write code with the same abstractions as what we use to write BASIC. The philosophy is that we are doing win32 programming in C++, and you can only do that if you make it as easy as possible to write good win32 programs.
One more thing: Macros are faster. They are one of the very fastest ways to code. They can do far more than a compiler can do, and it only takes a few hours of practice to get really good at writing them. Some good examples are:
· Compile-time code generation (from a pattern-matching preprocessor)
· Preprocessing (from macros)
· Source-to-source code transformation (e.g 384a16bd22

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Developed on the Microsoft Silverlight 3 RIA Services Platform, SilverDox SDK is a full-featured document viewer control for Silverlight applications.
Its designer-friendly controls offer advanced features and high performance without any expensive licensing. Using SilverDox SDK you can build a PDF, XPS, and universal document viewer component that can be freely distributed on any web site along with the documents it supports.
No programming is required to upload and view the document; users simply need to drag-and-drop the document to SilverDox document viewer, and the viewer will instantly open the document and let users freely browse through it. In addition, users can send links to their documents, without any programming.
The documents can be viewed, printed, and manipulated on a Silverlight client, WPF, or any other XPS consumer.
Supported Document Formats:
.PDF,.XPS,.MS Office, and any printable document format
Supported Rendering Methods:
Resolution Independent Vector Graphics
Text Search & Highlighting
Fast Incremental Download
Technology Required:
Silverlight 3.0 or higher version
.NET Framework 3.0 or higher version
XPS (XML Paper Specification) 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2
Copyright (c) 2007-2010 Silverlight Apps Developer,
Keywords:SilverDox SDK, XPS SDK, PDF SDK, MS Office SDK

To Download SilverDox SDK for Windows:

In order to download this application, you need to have Silverlight installed and you need to have an active Microsoft Silverlight account.

Download SilverDox SDK:

This version of the SilverDox SDK is compatible with the following versions of Silverlight:

This product is for Silverlight 3.0, Silverlight 3.1 and Silverlight 4.0.

Using SilverDox SDK for Silverlight is free.

SilverDox SDK for Silverlight allows you to access any supported file format.

SilverDox SDK for Silverlight allows you to convert any supported file format into Silverlight and the other way around.

The SilverDox SDK for Silverlight can be freely distributed on any site along with the files it supports.

The Silver