NetzMonitor includes an integrated macro recorder. It will record mouse clicks and keyboard keystrokes while you are performing online tasks. It can create macros that will automatically perform a number of commands.
Network Monitor:
NetzMonitor provides network connectivity check and can be used to view your current network status. It includes an interface to your local network adapter and can be used to determine a device’s net connection status.
Internet Connection Status:
The Internet Connection Status Window provides a visual tool for checking your connection status to the Internet, whether you are connected to a private or public network, the number of times you have been disconnected from the Internet, the amount of data transferred in your current session, and the number of times you have sent and received data.
Remote Management:
NetzMonitor allows you to remotely control your computer from any other computer on your network.
If you have any questions, or require additional information about the product, please contact the manufacturer or distributor directly.

@9jardos: Why does it need to be multi-language? You can do the same thing in one language. And with a version in many languages you could spread it even more! It would be better to have many languages.

@9jardos: I only have one computer. I’m not used to that. Is there a desktop edition?

Also, I noticed on its main page it says the program is not free. How can I get the program free? I don’t like paying for software but I need this tool to check the reachability of my site.

I’ve downloaded it (about 2.5 GB in size) and installed it. It runs and shows the Internet connection status. However, it takes up an immense amount of memory (some 97 MB in memory). But the thing is, when I close it and click on the icon to open it again, it takes up a similar amount of memory (about 97 MB in memory). That’s what I mean by memory usage.

I noticed that there is a counter. It shows how many times it has been opened and closed. I checked that counter and it’s showing «0», but it’s actually not zero. It’s showing this number as a result of the fact that when I closed it and clicked on the icon to open it again, it took up the same amount of memory (97 MB).

I’m using Windows XP Home edition. My computer specs are a: 1.3 GHz Processor, 384a16bd22

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Implement your own quick-keys for easy file searching. Use the INPUT key to insert the string to be searched for, and the ALT key to activate any of the filters. You can also use the F5 key to move to the next key.

It is an important decision and a strategic position.If you are unable to come to an agreement on the 3{,}, it is essential that you come to an agreement on the other points. You will see that if you give a 7{,} you will be able to achieve the whole goal.
3.Listening to Your Customer is The Key to Success
3.1Listen to the Customer’s Product Ideas
Your customer should be able to articulate their needs. They must be able to imagine and describe their ideal solution. 3{,}How can you help your customer achieve this solution?
A highly effective method of assisting customers is to listen to them, rather than direct them. By doing so, you will help them reach the solution they desire.
3{,}Ensure that the Customer Reaches a Decision
What is the probability that a customer will walk away if they don’t feel like they have gained anything from the meeting? It is important to find a solution which the customer will use for at least 5{,} to 10{,} years. By being clear on this point, the customer will be much more likely to see the benefit of having used your product.
3{,}Offer your Customer with the Opportunity to Extend Their Relationship
Consider how a customer is going to feel if you don’t offer them an extended period of service. Should you offer a 6{,} to 9{,} year contract, or do you look at your customer as a one-shot deal? For that reason, make sure you are offering something which will keep your customer happy and excited.
3{,}Offer a Good Return on Investment
How effective has your product been in terms of the value it has added? If you have worked hard to implement a solution which has caused a significant improvement in the customer’s business, you will see a 6{,} to 10{,} % return on your investment.
3{,}Partnering with Other Businesses
How can you utilise your customer’s time and resources to their benefit?
The Customer’s Business Background
If your customer is coming to you