KeyMACRO is a fully featured, powerful and complex macro recorder designed for Windows. The program provides easy-to-use and fast solution for recording, saving, editing and loading macros from any file or document, including PDF, word, excel, powerpoint, HTML, Flash, Java, VBS, JScript, Delphi, Ruby, C#, PHP, etc. A special mode of recording macros from Internet Explorer is included. Macro recorder can be launched from the start menu or from your desktop.
KeyMACRO is made to be easy to use and comfortable to learn, but powerful and complex enough to cope with professional tasks.
KeyMACRO records macros from Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. It does not limit the number of macros that you can create and run.
KeyMACRO saves macros to any file in the standard file formats and with the standard file extension.
KeyMACRO supports the popular notation for coding macros, which enables you to quickly record, run and modify macros.
KeyMACRO provides several ways to edit, export, preview and delete macros and their code.
KeyMACRO can be used for free, but you have to pay for the full version of KeyMACRO to use the editor with all the extended features.
KeyMACRO’s free trial version is limited, but the full version of KeyMACRO is a one-time purchase. It is not a monthly fee.
KeyMACRO allows you to use a special keyboard or a computer’s built-in keyboard to record macros. You can configure the program to record macros even if you use the mouse.
KeyMACRO provides visual timeline for recording and playback of macros. It allows you to easily find out when and how a macro was recorded.
KeyMACRO is a powerful tool for recording macros.
KeyMACRO is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
KeyMACRO is released under the GPL 3.0 license.
File Diagrams Description:
file diagram is a file diagram application designed for Windows. It is useful for creating, editing and viewing all kinds of diagrams. The program can open, create, draw, edit and save MS Office, PDF, Powerpoint, XPS and many other formats diagrams. The program supports several advanced diagram techniques: hierarchical, compound and custom shapes, cross-hairs, multi-colors, layers, smart links, advanced filters, fonts, lines, curves, text objects, images, custom shapes, creation of diagrams from lists, plans 384a16bd22

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A patch for an application: Yahoo! Messenger. This patch allows you to open more than one Yahoo! Messenger at the same time. Application: YMulti Messenger, Y! Multi-Gold Loader, Yahoo! Ghost!.
===============> IMPORTANT ==============
1) Please make sure that you have only one installation of the ym multi messenger patch running. If you are using more than one patch, the program will not start at all.
2) Start this patch from a clean desktop. You can start the patch and then exit the patch, or you can run the patch as administrator.
3) Keep the windows you are about to open. Do not close them down.
4) Run the patches after you have installed them. To do this, start up the program, navigate to the folder in which you installed the patch. Click on the file that appears there.
5) When the Patch Wizard starts, click next and then close the windows that you opened before.
6) Now open the application that you want to use this patch with. If you would like to use more than one application at the same time, start one of them from your desktop, then click on the ym multi messenger patch and follow the directions.
7) Open a new window for each instance of the application you want to open up.
Note: If you have any problems, please go to and then to the FAQ.
8) Now you can use any of the applications you are running.
9) You can also exit the application that you are running from your desktop. After you have exited the application, the patches that you started up will disappear.
Click HERE. Download now: (5.3 MB) [Click Here]
The ‘ym multi messenger patch’ application was reviewed by our staff, who all liked it.
If you liked the application and use it, we recommend downloading it from here, it is fast and you will not experience any issues.
If you don’t use the application but would like to download it, we recommend that you download it here.
Here are the reviews of the program from our sister sites: (4.2/5, 720 users) (4.2/5, 6,000 users)
The ‘ym multi messenger patch’ is compatible with Windows.
If you