Set MAC address.
SET Existing MAC Address: Select the MAC address of the computer.
NAME or ID: Enter a name for this computer.
Display Name: Enter a name for this computer.
COMPONENT: Choose a component name.
COMPONENT NAME: Select a component name.
IP or NETMASK: Enter the IP address or the Netmask.
IP/NETMASK: Select a IP/Netmask.
IPV6 or NETMASK6: Enter the IPv6 address or the Netmask.
IPV6/NETMASK6: Select an IPv6/Netmask.
MAC: Specify a MAC address.
MAC: Choose a MAC address.
Save: Save changes.
Cancel: Cancel changes.
Device: Select a device.
Device: Choose a device.
MENU: Open the context menu.
POPUP: Select a popup menu item.
Selected: Selected the item.
Item: Click the item.
Item number: Click the item number.
Add a new IP: Add a new IP.
New IP: New IP
Default IP: Default IP
IPV4: IPv4
IPV6: IPv6
NETMASK: Netmask
NETMASK6: Netmask6
Save: Save changes.
Cancel: Cancel changes.
UNDO: Undo changes.
SET_DEFAULTS: Set the system defaults.
Device: Set the device.
Device: Select a device.
Menu: Open the context menu.
IPV6 or NETMASK6: Enter an IPv6 address or a Netmask.
Set the system’s default IP address.
Easily set the default IP address of the computer.
Set the Netmask for this computer.
The Netmask is the mask used to generate the «.» subnet.
Set the default IP address.
Set the Netmask of the computer.
CHANGE_NETMASK: Change the Netmask.
CHANGE_IP: Change the IP.
SET_DEFAULTS: Reset the system.
Reset the system’s settings.
Configure PXE in the system.
Configure PXE for the 384a16bd22

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* Data files are encrypted and can only be decrypted with the provided key material.
* All the application operations and settings can be accessed from a menu.
* Encrypted files are saved locally, and can only be decrypted with the provided key material.
* The application includes a Keyring section, which can be used to store public and private keys.
* The application is designed with ease of use and user friendliness in mind.

Public Beta 2.1
* Added support for Java 7 update 25 and JDK 6u25

Public Beta 2.0.2
* Fixed issue with the OpenPGP fingerprint.
* The Keyring is now reloaded on every start of the application.

Public Beta 2.0.1
* PortablePGP Portable Edition now uses the new OpenPGP specification.
* Added support for the Mac OS X 10.7.2.
* It is now possible to generate new public/private keys, as well as export existing keys to a.p12 key file.
* Added support for public/private key pair generation on Microsoft Windows.
* Added support for Java 7 Update 24 and JDK 6u24.
* Fixed several minor bugs.

Public Beta 1.0.2
* Fixed several bugs.

Public Beta 1.0.1
* Added support for Java 6 Update 18 and JDK 5u18.
* Added menu item ‘Change settings’.

Public Beta 1.0.0
* This is the first release of the PortablePGP Portable Edition.Restored roads ready for use

February 21, 2014

The city of East Stroudsburg and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) have finished restoring the roadways on both sides of the Pocono Expressway.

On Monday, the city and PennDOT hauled the timber that was removed from the Pocono Expressway from the Expressway to yards near VanDyck and Bowler roads.

After the timber was removed, crews cleaned the ties, crushed the old concrete and spread gravel on top.

«That was our first job. Our crew did a lot of that,» said East Stroudsburg City Manager Daniel Eldredge. «The other half of the project is to finish the repairs to the drainage culverts along the length