TurboPad is the application that brings the JoyPad functionality to any Keyboard.
So you can use your computer keyboard like you are using a JoyPad.
■ Customizable (Create your own «Keys»)
■ Simplified (Tutorial included)
■ Interactive (Hold down a key and press the «Create Key» button to see what it does)
■ Turbo (Press any key, and you will be taken to another screen with a different key being pressed)
■ Change filters anytime (Lock certain keypresses, or enable a set of keys)
Download the Manual:
■ Read the instruction manual
■ Get a Tutorial
■ Get a Basic TUTORIAL
■ Download the Manual
Get the manual:
Select an option from the list to get to the download.
The Manual download is the pdf version of the manual.
Get the tutorial:
Select a tutorial from the list to download the tutorial.
The Tutorial is a text file that is easy to read and will guide you through the process of setting up TurboPad.
Supported OSs:
TurboPad supports most major operating systems (WinXP, Vista, Win7, and Mac).
The «keys» in TurboPad are combinations of several keys.
For example, the character «M» is a combination of the keys:
( a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ).
When you hold down any of the keys, the associated letters will appear on your screen.
The tutorial will teach you about the creation of these «keys», and the creation of your own «keys».
TurboPad is a stand-alone application, but it will work on any computer with a keyboard.
When you purchase a TurboPad License, you will receive a USB/CD version of TurboPad that will work on any Windows computer with a USB port.
The USB version will work on any Windows computer with a USB port.
The CD version will work on any Windows computer without a USB port.
The instructions for the CD version are located in the manual.
License pricing and install options:
1 TurboPad License: $35
The TurboPad License allows you to use TurboPad on 1 computer.
All the manuals, tutorials, and eea19f52d2


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