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I have been following the latest developments in communication and computing since the 90s, and I’m a product manager by day for Information Management solutions. I’m also a self-confessed history geek and a tech spotter. I’m happy to pass on news and commentary to IT professionals, and I enjoy the challenge of reviewing the latest software and hardware. A quick shout out to my wife for putting up with my random musings.Q:

Bind a property from a Model to my ViewModel

I’m trying to bind a properties from my Model to my ViewModel.
I have a CreatedAt property on my class, I want to bind it to a TextBlock within my View.
Here’s my XAML:

And the code behind:
using System.Windows;
using GenericProject.Models;
using GenericProject.ViewModels;
using System.Data;

namespace GenericProject
public partial class Window1 : Window
public Window1()

private void SaveButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
if (ViewModel!= null)
var entry = new Entry { Title = «This is a test!», Status = «Test», CreatedAt = DateTime.Now

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PrivacyMaster is a utility that removes information stored in the user’s browser, as well as the Windows Recycle Bin, Internet temporary files and the Windows registry. The user may also choose to clean all of the above or only selected items. PrivacyMaster can also scan and fix the Windows registry to remove duplicates, dead keys, empty fields, unused groups, obsolete and incompatible settings.

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If you want to protect yourself from intruders on your home computer, you’ll want to install Malwarebytes’ Free.
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Important: The free software provided here is not developed by Malwarebytes Software AB and/or its affiliates.

Use at your own risk.
The author cannot be held liable for damages arising from the use of this software.

Absolutely no promises are made as to the functionality of the software.

Absolutely no promises are made as to the functionality of the software.

This free software will typically not remove active programs installed by your operating system.
Some features described on the website may or may not work, depending on the version of your operating system.

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A single optical head can record or reproduce information on both a CD and a DVD. On the other hand, a two-unit type optical head, for example, has been proposed and actually used in which two optical heads, each adapted to record or reproduce information on a CD or a DVD, are arranged on a single arm independently from each other and information is simultaneously recorded or reproduced.
An example of the two-unit type optical head is disclosed in Japanese patent laid-open publication No. 126080/2001.
The optical head has two light sources and two photoelectric converters. Each light source and each photoelectric converter independently control a focus and a tracking.

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PrivacyMaster is a freeware to clean history items from several Windows features and browsers. Clearing history is pretty easy, but there are different situations where you might prefer to remove some left overs. PrivacyMaster cleans Windows features and browsers, and it is easy to clear individual features like visited URLs or cookies or all of them.

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PrivacyMaster System Requirements:
Windows XP Service Pack 2 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 64-Bit
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Evernote is an incredibly useful program that permits users to capture, edit, organize, and share the notes they’re writing on the web or in their computers. Users can access the system from any smart device they desire by way of the Evernote web site. There are a number of features and functions to take note of in this program.
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An incredible tool to write down ideas
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Evernote allows you to capture thoughts while you’re browsing the internet. These are notes that you want to take, and

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® 7 SP1, Windows 8, or later
1 GHz processor or faster
1 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
1440 × 900 resolution or higher
DirectX 9.0 or higher
Capture with your camera or webcam for easy upload to Steam.
Use the built-in microphone for voice chat.
Use a USB or other computer’s keyboard or mouse to navigate the game.
Use the built-in game controller to play the game on Steam.