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For most image editing, Photoshop is generally an excellent choice. However, Photoshop can be very slow when opening and saving large images, so I recommend getting Photoshop on a computer that is powerful enough to open or save a significant amount of image information quickly.

Finding Photoshop alternatives

Photoshop is an expensive program, but with recent versions you can buy upgrades that enable it to work on newer Windows systems. If you’re still using the original Photoshop that shipped with your original operating system, Adobe offers downloads of updated editions for free on its site. Although you can modify these files and use them to create and edit images, you need to be careful about the time spent tweaking them to get the results you want.

However, if you’re looking to get your hands dirty on image manipulation you can download free and open source programs such as GIMP (``) or the free-for-personal-use Open Source Image Editor (``). You can also try some online tools like PicMonkey (``) and Adobe’s own Magic Wand tool, available in the Photoshop plug-in.

In addition to using these programs, you can explore some of the online image communities to get tips on how to properly manipulate images, such as the online forums at `` and ``. If you have a lot of experience with Photoshop, you can use a great how-to-shop app to quickly snap photos of your subjects and even upload them straight to your desktop and edit them right away. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. The app is called shotwell («) and is free to download.

In this chapter, I show you how to use Photoshop to manipulate both images and video footage.

Photoshop’s Elements version

Adobe’s Photoshop Elements version is a cheaper alternative that includes basic image manipulation features similar to those found in Photoshop. It also has a full-screen view of the image you’re working on, a feature that many people find helpful. Photoshop Elements can also import and export multi-image file formats (JPEG, TIFF, and more) at a decent clip.

Although the

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This article will teach you how to open and save files in Adobe Photoshop Elements version 11.6.0. The skills you can learn here can be applied to other versions of Photoshop Elements as well.

This guide may be out of date, more features or changes exist since PSE 11.6.0 but it should still be OK to follow.

New in Photoshop Elements 11.6.0

Vector preview In the new version you can see the vector converted layers in the preview (you can copy or make a selection on them before doing a save)

New file format (.preview) You can change the file format to.preview (I use this one to be able to open the files in PSE)

New keyboard shortcuts

The shortcut Ctrl + F to select a frame and Ctrl + B to deselect a frame

Changing the letter spacing of text or graphics

To zoom in or out the document without a scroll bar, you can press Alt + Mouse Wheel Down for Zoom-in (increase the number of lines) and Alt + Mouse Wheel Up for Zoom-out (decrease the number of lines)


New in Photoshop Elements 11.5.2

An example of a working PSD file with a document properties after opening a PSD file in PSE.

New file format (.preview) You can change the file format to.preview (I use this one to be able to open the files in PSE)

New keyboard shortcuts

The shortcut Ctrl + D to deselect a layer

Changing the letter spacing of text or graphics

Zooming in or out document without scroll bar

Ctrl + Click to select a shape or group of shapes


New in Photoshop Elements 11.4.5

New keyboard shortcuts

The shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Wheel Up and Down or Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Wheel Left and Right for zoom in or out

Ctrl + D to deselect a layer

Ctrl + Shift + Click to select a shape or group of shapes

Ctrl + Ctrl + Click to select a shape or group of shapes


New in Photoshop Elements 11.4.3

New keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Wheel Down for zoom in (the same you do for scroll bars)

Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Wheel Up for zoom out

New file format (.preview

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What is the name of the SVD implementation in SciPy’s Utilities library

This question was previously unanswered as being off-topic, but I’m posting it again in the hopes that it can be re-opened.
I’m wondering if anyone knows what the implementation of SVD in the SciPy.linalg library is called.
I’m specifically looking for the implementation of the text leading singular values (the SVD of a non-square matrix).


I think the name of the class that you are talking about is scipy.sparse.compressed.svd_c. The documentation for the singular values can be found here
It implements the the SVD by iterative compression of the U (factorization) and Singular Vectors to U_Singular_Vectors and U_Singular_Vectors_Dense respectively.
SciPy’s SVD is a well known implementation of the SVD. They also provide a link to matlab to load a number of popular matlab functions to python with helper functions.
The documentation for the scipy SVD can be found here

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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements are as follows:
OS: Win XP SP3
CPU: Pentium 4 3.4 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 16 GB
DirectX: 9.0c
Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 or equivalent, 128 MB Video Memory
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Network: Internet connection
Recommended System Requirements are as follows: