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This is an online game that you can play with your mobile device (iOS, Android), including online play. The in-game items are fictional, and may not be available in real life.

The in-game content, such as game content, magic, monsters, and skills, will be updated regularly. However, the application and game client will not be updated.

Note: A transfer of the game data from your phone requires the same Google Play account or Apple ID you used to sign in before transferring. If you use a Google Play account or Apple ID, here are the transfer methods:

– For Android devices: When your Android phone is connected to the computer, go to the home screen of your phone. Tap menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All applications, and then tap the box next to the title of the game you want to transfer. Tap the menu button > All tab > Clear data. Next, tap the menu button > Manage apps > My apps > Select the game you want to transfer > Clear data. Tap OK. If you want to transfer data from another Android device that’s connected to the same computer to your phone, repeat steps 3-7.

– For iOS devices: Connect your iOS device to the computer, open Settings, tap iTunes & App Store, and then tap App Store > Apps > All apps. Tap the box next to the title of the game you want to transfer. Tap the menu button > Delete App and then tap Delete.

[Game text translated by]{
«name»: «lis»,
«version»: «1.1.7»,
«description»: «Wrap-and-sort simple-list-interface in a single function»,
«main»: «lis.js»,
«scripts»: {
«test»: «v8-n-coverage»
«repository»: {
«type»: «git»,
«url»: «git+»
«keywords»: [


Features Key:

  • A Lake Quelle Game Engine with Dynamic Environment Features
  • A Full-Scaled Fantasy Game: An Adventure Never Seen before
  • An Ancient Myth in the Mountain: A Tarnished Hero Appears and Fights an Epic Battle
  • The Fantasy World of Elden Ring
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