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Roblox is an online platform for building and playing games. The platform consists of a user interface (UI), a virtual world where players can create and play games, as well as a virtual currency (Robux) that players can use to purchase items in the games that they create.
Roblox is designed to be a virtual world where users can create their own games (similar to the World of Warcraft) or play their friends’ games. Roblox maintains a base set of standardized rules or gameplay, called the «TOS», which includes regulations for player conduct and requires players to be 13 years old or older. Players can also choose to adhere to optional additional, game-specific rules.
Players can «rent» or «buy» games from a virtual marketplace called the «Roblox Studio». Each game comes with an in-game currency called «Robux», which players can «rent» or «buy» to use in the game.
Players can buy certain limited-time items with Robux, or better yet, players can spend the Robux they have earned from playing the games in the Roblox Studio to buy the limited time items, thus accumulating more Robux.
Users can «lobby» with each other to play games or create new games. When a player is «banned» by the Roblox moderators, his or her profile is no longer visible to other players and no longer affects the game lobby or game rankings.
A game may have several versions with different content or features. Often, a game will start out as a limited time version, and will release new versions with more content and features while the original version remains on the platform. These new versions are called «updates» and are typically priced at a discounted rate.
Robux (pronounced «roh-boox») is the virtual currency used on Roblox. Robux are also used to purchase premium memberships for subscriptions to Roblox’s service, including Roblox Studio, Virtual World, Virtual Photography, Robux Shop, and Online Training.
Robux are earned through gameplay and other activities on the platform. Their value can be gained and spent on various different items and services on the platform, including games, premium memberships, avatar design, virtual goods, Roblox rental subscriptions, and, in some cases, real-world goods or services.
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Roblox opens your imagination and invites you to create your next best game. Where the only limit is your imagination.

Roblox is the largest social platform where players can play, create and share with friends. In Roblox, you can create anything: Games, animations, experiences, visualizations and much more. It’s all made just for you in your browser and controlled through an intuitive and versatile software called IDE (Roblox Integrated Development Environment). All the software is completely free and always will be.

Download Roblox Studio 2.4.1 APK on Roblox.

You are sure to get:
• Free Download APK for all devices
• Enjoy offline play
• Players can create their own games
• Your game can be promoted to the top of the list
• Over 16,000 Popular Blocks to create any kind of scenery
• Roblox Game Engine for everything you can create
• Roblox API for robust Gaming
• Roblox Users & Developers in one place

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More Information:

Roblox is a great community. We have over 16 million users, 30 million registered developers, and Roblox Studio are becoming the preferred development environment for millions of Roblox users. Here is a list of some of the best features.

Super fast, free games

As a Roblox user, you have access to millions of new and free games that you can play, explore, design and share with friends. We are the world’s largest community-powered virtual playground.

Great for kids

– Over 16 Million registered users – Over 30 Million registered developers – Over 900,000 Roblox Studio apps

Real people, not avatars

When you play with real people, you can also customize your character and share this content with friends. You can dress them up, decorate their rooms, create businesses or travel the world. And you can use your own voice and text to express yourself.

Create anything

As an independent game creator, you have complete creative control of your game. You can build anything you dream up, make it, show it off, and play it with millions of other players around the world.



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