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In the United States, all VCR, (and VCR-related) manufacturers and components are required to have labeling to describe what material is put into the body of the VCR.

Before February 12, 2007, this was called the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Product Safety Recommendations (PSR), a document used to make technical recommendations regarding consumer products.

Since 2005, the labels included Product Identification and Warnings.

They are coded as IEC 60601-2-12 and IEC 60601-2-11, respectively.

The current edition is IEC 60601-2-26.

Labeling requirements

The requirements of the labeling on consumer products within the US are outlined in a document called «Labeling Requirements».


Product Identification information

The labeling includes the following requirements regarding the Product Identification label.

The product name, serial number and model number printed on the inside of the front of the device must appear on the outside of the housing

The first line must contain the product name

The second line must contain the unit serial number

The third line must contain the type number

The fourth line must be blank

Any other lines, including the model number and a copyright notice, may appear following the text of the product’s name

The serial number and model number cannot be colored or engraved with any sharp lines, indentations or swirls

The product name, serial number and model number must be printed in black ink on a white or off-white background

The type number must be printed in black, white, or a single color on a background of contrasting color

The type number must be readable from the front of the device. It may not be in a faded area of the device or be entirely covered by other text. A white background for the type number is preferred, although any color is acceptable, as long as it contrasts with the background of the device’s printed name and serial number.

The type number must be readable. It may not be in a faded area of the device.

Model number may not be colored or engraved with any sharp lines, indentations or swirls.

The serial number

The serial number must be a 12-character alphanumeric sequence representing the product’s date of manufacture, that indicates the product’s expected lifetime, or a combination thereof. When the product’s expected lifetime cannot be determined, such as

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