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the most complex and expensive task in game development is graphic design, where the designing artist makes the most important decision – what kind of game should we develop? when choosing the game genre and the game theme, the designer should bear in mind that the game should not be too simple to attract the audience, nor too hard and difficult for most players. we know several qualities which a computer game should have in order to be successful: it should be interesting, attractive, be able to entice the user, be entertaining and it should use up all the user’s skills and abilities.

in some cases it’s a little banal to play for the sake of a game only for the pleasure of winning. some of the most popular computer games are poker (both in its multimillion-dollar tournaments), many chess games, simple battleships games, etc. the computer game or board game can also contain a big slice of theme for a particular genre of games. board games are played by many people, therefore, many of them are designed not for amusement, but to become players.

the difference in the board games and computer games in computer games, the players of the game can use the same set of skills that a human being would use when playing the game. for example, in virtual shooting games, a computer must work just as well as a human being. therefore, if there are three computer players against one human player, there is no difference between the three players. in other games, some of the skills that we use when playing a board game cannot be used in this type of game. for example, when playing the classic board game of japanese type, there are no pockets, and therefore, when we play the game, the player moves his or her pieces with the need to think and plan and remember not only what he is doing but what the opponent is doing.

these games of the year are always developed by the same developer. the developers create the game that is thought to be the best all in one game, but most of the time they get several ideas and may add a lot of updates to their original idea for a game. this year one of the games was the 2007 game of the year was doodle god.
from big to small, from a ton of objects to only a few, there are some hidden object games that require the player to find just a few objects in a large room or scene. other games are much more difficult and include a series of clues to find in order to solve a larger mystery or complete a quest. the finding of these hidden object games is more difficult and sometimes takes quite a bit of time as you work through the entire room.
these games have an erotic/sexy/romantic feel to them. the action hidden object games are quite popular and easy to play. the fast paced action of these games are a perfect hobby to have. some of these games can be challenging and are definitely worth the play.
how to make games like fortnightly is very simple. the first step is to make a concept for the game. the next step is to create concept sketches. concept sketches are made on paper and are thin. the next step is to make a full dimensional model of the game, which will be on a computer. the next step is to get software that allows you to drop and place objects and particles, and make the game interact with those objects. the last step is to make the game itself. f12 or maybe in a grey area, some games are made by groups. for example, empire: total war has over 5 million units created. this takes over 80 man hours. fortnightly on the other hand, is made by one person and was created in a period of 2 and a half hours.