Boss Health Bar Mod

im a huge fan. the way you can bring up the health bar so you can always see how healthier you are, would be a game changer especially at the beginning of the game when you’re learning the ropes. nvm its a bit on the resource intensive side if you have a computer that isn’t a high end one.

If this mod was active, I’d want to play on a slow computer without much FPS, as it would require alot of resources which is what I’m currently running on. But, I want to be able to see how much health I have when I’m getting killed in an avoidable situation. It’s also useful to see how much health is left in order to avoid accidental deaths later in the game.

Boss Health Bar a great idea, so far so good, it would be nice to see the bosses health bar working. It will be a lot easier to plan fights when the boss health bar will tell me how much health is left for each enemy and if i’m going to die.

basically The wither health bar will resemble the one on monsters, when killed it will burst a massive explosion, similar to their initial spawn without their initial animation or glowing but smaller, since withers have much less health compared to monsters

I’ve been thinking of a new mod idea for ages. There’s so many games where if you get hurt it shows on your health bar or for a monster it’s red on theirs. Withers would have a bar like that. They don’t like how they look though, they’ve got a skin that’s a skull and a wither bird skull perched on top. They would have skulls on their tails and under their wings, and on their back, and they’d have some kind of head coming out of a split in their back that would be a bell like the one end crystals have

schwammlgott no but for everyone else in the game, you can count shots. for example i know a human has 100 health, so i shoot them twice knowing the second shot will kill them. with a skelly lord, i aint got a clue how much health they got, and counting the shots would be impossible, especially because they will probs heal at least once without you seeing. 2 shots to kill a human, 1 shot to kill a skelly lord, 2 shots to kill a pig, 1 shot to kill a chicken.
—————————————————————————————-credits—————————————————————————————-installer was made by mearcade_portal32the debug modcoding – seanprui design and graphics – the embraced oneassistance with canvas – kdtthe health bar modcoding – gradow#9473graphics – hollow niko#2609original code – kdt#7539modding api 0.0.06by kerr1291shade pic 1 from www.pngix.comdream pic 2 from www.nicepng.comknight pic from www.cleanpng.com21:9 patch was made by myselfi could not talk to the devs if i could use their mods in my pack, but if there is an issue i will remove it.this was more for me and ease of use.
upon reaching 50% of its maximum health in expert mode, mutant will clear all projectiles and create a large mutant seal as it enters its second phase, signified by a brief animation where mutant’s eye glows brightly as it absorbs a large number of glowing particles into itself and becomes wreathed in a blazing aura for the rest of the fight.