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A CSWIP Welding Inspector has the knowledge and experience to identify, manage and effectively control weld defects. Welding inspectors are required to be able to identify the nature and cause of major defects which may cause failure, as well as more minor defects that may still contribute to weld failure if not properly handled.

A high quality CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector uses the latest technology and training in their daily work. He will be able to do whatever is needed to ensure that the quality of the weld is not compromised. CSWIP 3.1 welding inspectors must be able to detect and identify weld defects in normal and adverse (stressing) conditions. They also need to be familiar with the most commonly used welding processes, competent in the use of suitable welding equipment and have a working knowledge of its use, repair and servicing.

The location of high quality CSWIP 3.1 welding inspectors varies depending on the location of the welding operations, their size and type. The welding operations are anywhere from small installations of only one or a few items in a plant to a large operation. The larger the welding operations, the more the need for a qualified inspector. They are needed to ensure a high quality weld which is appropriate for the location, situation and properties of the material being welded.

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the cost of cswip 3.1 training and examination is around usd2,000 depends on which country youre in. other local institution might offer a slightly different fee and some even offered free training and examination because the local government sponsored it. nonetheless twi is the most popular choice because of its great facilities and recognition worldwide.
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cswip 3.1 training and examination are provided either by international institutions such as the welding institute (twi) or local institutions. you can locate these institution with a simple google search set to your locality.
the role of the certified cswip inspector is to find deficiencies, recommend remedies and to certify that the identified defects are correct and capable of being corrected. cswip inspectors have the skills and knowledge to verify that a repair or modification of a part or assembly is performed to an appropriate level of quality that matches the requirements of the relevant standard or regulation. besides that they must be qualified in accordance to bs en iso 17637:2016 (beam welding) or bs en iso 17636:2015 (arc welding).
other institutes such as aws, abtw, asse, etc. can train for cswip 3.1 if their institute is certified by an international institution. all these institutes have similar requirements as twi for cswip 3.1 qualification.