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Farms participating in the Upper Fox Wolf Demonstration Network will receive continuing education and technical assistance through farm assessments, general demonstrations, field days and other educational opportunities. For more information about the Upper Fox Wolf Demonstration Network or to request to be listed on this site, email .
The Upper Fox Wolf Demonstration Network is supported by NRCS and the Water Quality Assistance Program (WQAP). WQAP is a four-year federal grant to the Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources, Department of Natural Resources and other agencies, colleges and universities. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis based on environmental needs, using national and state pollution, land management, water quality and recreation priorities. WQAP provides technical assistance, financial assistance and coordination among agencies and organizations. This serves to develop and enhance partnerships to address the larger issues of non-point sources pollution and associated ecological and economic problems.
These farms are coordinating to implement conservation practices that will reduce phosphorus entering the Great Lakes Basin. The farms will demonstrate conservation practices that can be applied to improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, enhance farmland and reduce crop losses due to flooding. Through the Upper Fox Wolf Demonstration Network, participants will be able to access specific conservation practices and technology that can be integrated into their farming operation. It also provides them with technical assistance, training and related materials.