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yamapi will play the female lead rei in proposal daisakusen. rei is a high school student who has been preparing to get married to her boyfriend for the past three years. she has been living with her boyfriend and his parents in his dormitory for the past three years. suddenly, her boyfriend (tatsuya) gets transferred to another city. after a heated argument, rei ends up moving in with her boyfriends parents. the new family is a bit strange, and rei is not sure if she will like living with them. rei attends her first class, where she meets her first boyfriend, ken. he is the same age as rei, but he is really nerdy. rei is forced to make a decision. will she choose between her boyfriend and her high school classmate? yamapi rei is a great part that will add a new dimension to the k-drama world.

the only problem i had with proposal daisakusen was that there were too many student characters. so i didnt like the part where ken’s high school girlfriend showed up to tell him that ima is pregnant. it didnt feel like a part of the story. the k-drama series love exposure on astro had a better concept. but that was a long time ago. i wonder how much of love exposure still holds up now.

the story of proposal daisakusen starts off with a bit of a twist; instead of a guy who is in a relationship who wants to propose to his girlfriend, its a guy who is single who wants to propose to a girl he just met at work. while this isnt entirely unusual, the twist is that the guy is afraid to propose because hes scared of the result. i think its a very interesting concept. if the girl doesnt like him, he wont be able to leave her alone, if she does like him, he may have the courage to leave her alone.

with it. ken was so lonely and sad before he confessed to rei, and now he has the chance to re-live his youth and he can be happy again. now the only thing he has to do is to get rei back in the future and he will be able to be with her forever. and whats so great about this is he doesnt have to wait for the future, he can just tell her he loves her now. we all know how complicated things can get in our lives, so theres no wonder how hard it is for people to be able to fight the problems that they will face, but ken and rei can have a happy ending thanks to proposal daisakusen. if this doesnt happen, theres no hope for anyone.
another great thing about this drama is that no matter what the outcome, it will make you think. proposal daisakusen is a series that really makes you reflect on the choices you make in life. i cant think of any other drama that does this so well. in this drama, you will be so engrossed in the plot, you wont be able to stop thinking about it.
i am the sort of person who watches dramas because i find it an interesting topic, and this is where proposal daisakusen really shines. it is a great character drama, which has the potential to make anyone feel good about themselves.
proposal daisakusen is one of those dramas where you will want to watch every single episode even if you have already seen the first half. if you like action, you will really enjoy this drama. proposal daisakusen is a really fun drama that everyone can watch and enjoy. its not a love story, but a drama about friendship, and what you can do with your life. its a really great story and you wont regret watching it. proposal daisakusen really is a drama that everyone should watch.