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in sonic adventure, the emeralds appear in a new fashion. instead of being gathered in a chaos emerald castle as in the previous games, the chaos emeralds appear scattered across sonic’s world, so that the only way to get them is to search everywhere. this style of distribution was used in the original sonic adventure, as the chaos emeralds were found in four locations:

in sonic adventure 2, the emeralds were scattered among the same locations as in the first game, except for the forest of silence, where they were in the second location, the valley of the monkeys. it was in the forest of illusion that the emeralds were protected by the seven deadly emeralds.

in sonic adventure, the chaos emeralds reappeared at the same location as in the previous games, in the chaos emerald castle. to get them, sonic had to travel across three continents and defeat several enemies in order to get to the emerald castle. after the chaos emeralds were reached, they went into the chaos emeralds castle, which was located in the forest of silence. in the castle, there was an opening which led to the chaos emeralds chest, where the emeralds were, but also the chaos emeralds egg, in which were the seven deadly emeralds. the seven deadly emeralds were discovered and defeated in the game’s final level, where they were the main antagonists.

in sonic adventure 2, the chaos emeralds were scattered across sonic’s world, and the only way to get them was to search everywhere. the chaos emeralds appeared in four locations, just like in the first game:

the chaos emeralds’ history stretches back into antiquity, and, along with the master emerald, are the most prized of all the emeralds. they were said to have been created by the ancients, a race of beings that inhabited the planet gaia. [8] the ancients were defeated by the three chaos emerald-wielding beings, the tri-chaos [1] , and the data of their creation is believed to be in the ancient ruins. [8] the ancients, in turn, were defeated by the phantom, a being who was able to manipulate the emeralds’ energy and shape them into powerful weapons. [2] the three were imprisoned on the human-made island, but escaped and fled to the phantom planet. [8] there, they encountered the tri-chaos and the powerful chaos emerald known as the red chaos emerald. [2] the tri-chaos in turn, was defeated by the great sage and formed the metarex [3] . [8] the great sage, in turn, was defeated by the chaos emerald-wielding beings, the dark emerald [4] and the black arms, and fell into the dark multiverse. [8]

said to hold enough power to let their user control the whole world and possibly even the entire universe, each of the chaos emeralds is said to contain, [8] if not unlimited, [8] amounts of highly potent and powerful chaos emerald energy that is said to give energy to all things. [8] even alone, their power is unequaled by pretty much anything else in the universe, except by the power of the stars, the master emerald, and the phantom ruby; [8] just one emerald can grant access to unlimited power and radiates enough energy to repel the incomplete time eater ; [8] radiates enough energy to repel the incomplete time eater. [8] power an entire planet with the least amount of energy. (note: in the original sonic the hedgehog , the six emeralds were blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and silver. a seventh, purple emerald then appeared in sonic the hedgehog 2 ). in sonic the hedgehog 3 he made a turquoise one. in sonic the hedgehog s, there were eight emeralds, one for each playable character. in sonic the hedgehog 3 , there was a blue/turquoise emerald in the racing course it was found in, but the screen after the race shows it as turquoise.