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the battle is done, but the war goes on. to protect the surviving resistance fighters, the avatar has returned from the spirit world with her father, tenzin. while the avatar must return to her people, she must also save those that can still be saved. from the frozen north, to the stormy south, and even the forbidden earth kingdom, korra will make the ultimate sacrifice to bring balance to the world.

built on the powerful unreal engine, the all-new avatar: the last airbender is an action-packed, fantastical adventure that will appeal to fans of all ages. featuring 3d graphics, authentic characters, and impressive fight scenes, the game transports players to one of the most exciting epic adventures yet in the acclaimed legend of korra series.

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title: the legend of korra-xd genre: action, adventure developer: platinum games publisher: activision release date: 10 jun 2015 file size: 1.62 gb / single link compressed mirrors:, 1fichier, google drive, uptobox,
title: the legend of korra-rev genre: action, adventure developer: platinum games publisher: activision release date: 22 oct 2014 file size: 1.57 gb / single link compressed mirrors:, 1fichier, google drive, uptobox,
the map of the game isn’t as big as it looks. it is about 1200 square-kilometers while the earth is large enough to cover several continents. you can play as either one of the two allies. the final choice is left to you at the end of the game and your choices really matter throughout the playthrough. the game does not cost much and is worth playing, but it is also not worth buying once it is taken off of sale.
if you are playing the 5v5 battles, then you start by forming three teams, each composed of a commander, leader and three teammates. other options include picking a charge ability, players can make their character move faster, use special attacks that cost mana, take cover behind walls or out of the sunlight, use ice traps, and much more. there are 14 different classes to choose from, and they can be customized by buying equipment that you earn, they can be infused with special powers, or they can be level-granted via an upgrade tree.
the sense of conviction and conviction is a very crucial and very difficult element of storytelling. it is in the moments of conviction that characters reveal how much they truly believe in what they are saying. this is the best element of the legend of korra.